How to be an effective communicator in the workplace

By Carli Uys

Head of Marketing, Research and Development (MCom Industrial Psychology and MCom Communication studies)

Communication is seen as one of the major concerns in the workplace. Being able to create and maintain a positive work environment you need to focus on communicating effectively.

Effective communication consists of:

Communication is seen as a core leadership function and a key characteristic of a good leader. Leaders need to master the skill of communication as it helps to build stronger relationships in organisations, communities and groups. Leaders who have good communication skills are able to clarify their thinking, express their ideas and share information with multitude of audiences. A leader must learn to handle the rapid flows of information within the organisation, and how best to communicate this information to customers, partners, and other stakeholders and influencers.

Here are essential communication practices of an effective leader:

Effective leaders must be able to inspire, motivate and persuade their team members to achieve organisational goals and effectiveness. If a leader cannot communicate effectively with his/her team, it leads to costly failures to the organisation, causing wasted time and effort, low morale, reduced productivity and can cause loss of trust and credibility.

Important communication skills all leaders should have:

There are 5 communication styles that every leader should have in their ‘toolbox’:

The right communication style can help you to make a big impact on your team members. You need to remember to adapt and change your style as needed to match each situation.