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Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor



We design and deliver packaged as well as customised programmes and processes using our recognised intellectual property in the areas of strategy and culture, people development and research.

We agree on the exact needs of clients and extract from our intellectual property only the content relevant to those agreed needs with a strong focus on integrating what we offer with what already exists in the client organisation.


The thinking fusion AFRICA difference lies in the application of our thinking models and implementation frameworks.

We create value through thinking.

Our models and frameworks embrace science whilst challenging conventional thinking. We develop new insights through research and application to constantly enrich our thinking models.


Prof René Uys – Academic, Researcher, Consultant, Executive, Facilitator, Coach

Harry van der Merwe – Executive, Strategist, Facilitator

Motshoanetsi Lefoka – Industrial Engineer, Executive, Facilitator, Coach


We are anchored in our CORE VALUES of:

Thinking: We challenge the status quo, develop new thinking and inspire change.

Development: We make a positive change in the lives of people.

Connection: We cherish relationships.

Integrity: We are trustworthy, set high standards and deliver quality work.

Passion &

Our PURPOSE is to ignite development in people.

Our BRAND PROMISE is to create change capacity in organisations, teams and individuals.


Established in 2004, we have been a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor since 2015.

As the three owners and directors of thinking fusion AFRICA, we have brought together our complementary expertise to provide consulting and change capacity development services to the public and private sectors in Africa.

We are passionate about ideas, knowledge and people development.



This flagship programme develops the leadership capacity of senior leaders individually and as a team. It has a strong strategic focus and a pace that suit the profile of the senior leaders.

The content is science-based and customised to address the complexity within which senior leaders need to lead during times of turbulence. The transformational challenge of organisations is essentially considered as a leader transformation challenge. The programme is therefore also deeply personal.

Leaders at this level have the biggest impact on the leadership culture and the organisational culture. They hold the key to transforming their teams and building agile organisations.

As such, the programme challenges leaders to constantly explore the personal-organisational leadership fusion and its impact on people.

Systems thinking and learning agility as the competitive differentiators of strategic leaders, are central to the learning experience.

The impact across the organisation during the programme is significant and noticeable because senior leaders immediately engage and use their teams as learning ‘laboratories’.

Quality assured by:

T1: Leader turbulence

T2: To lead with precision

T3: Following and followership

T4: Influence beyond power

T5: Leading diversity

T6: Leader-leading integration

T7: Leading authentically

T8: Communicative leadership

T9: People as value creators

T10: Developing teams

T11: Strategic leadership

T12: Change and transformational leadership

T13: Leading and embedding culture

                            T = Theme

Programme Philosophy

“What differentiates leaders is not so much their philosophy of leadership, their personality, or their style of management…they understand their own ’action logic’- how they interpret their surroundings and react when power and safety get challenged.” David Rooke and William R. Torbert

“The world of leadership belongs to the most learning agile. Develop yourself and your key talent across these dimensions and you will activate enduring human and strategic potential.” Kevin Cashman

  • Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Senior Specialists

  • Refinement and extension of leadership competencies
  • Skills to increase influence and power in organisation and externally
  • Repositioning as team leader and revitalisation of own team
  • Significant personal development and personal change capacity
  • Development of systems thinking skill and application in strategic contexts

  • Significant impact on culture and climate
  • Strengthening of leadership capacity and bench strength development
  • Strategic leadership and strategic management capacity
  • Integration of organisational strategy, values and competitive imperatives
  • Improvement in trust as well as relationships between senior leaders
  • Strengthening of senior leadership teams

  • Duration: 12 days in 6 two-day sessions
  • Venue: In-house at venue of client’s choice
  • Group size: 20 to 30 participants

  • Completion of systems thinking project
  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Attendance of at least 10 days

This programme, with an exclusive leadership focus, is unique in design and implementation.

It equips leaders to lead, think and behave differently in order to make a profound difference in their teams and in their organisations.

The content is science-based, the learning experience is intense and the leadership skill developed of practical value. It is a challenging, sophisticated and an extensive developmental experience at a full professional level in respect of leadership theory and practice.

It culminates in a presentation made to the senior management on a project based on systems thinking.

Quality assured by:

Programme Philosophy

“Leaders who undertake a voyage of personal understanding and development can transform not only their own capabilities but also those of their organisations…” David Rooke and William R. Torbert

  • Senior and Middle Managers
  • Specialists
  • Emerging Leaders

  • Development of life-long leadership skill
  • International content from recognised sources
  • Immediate application in leadership roles
  • Diagnostics and practical tools that may be used afterwards
  • Personal discovery and development
  • Development of systems thinking skill

  • Noticeable impact on leadership culture
  • Effective leadership and positive relationships
  • Complex leadership problem project proposals
  • Current applied leadership theory and practice
  • Exceptional impact on team performance when attended by teams

  • Duration: 14 days in 7 two-day sessions
  • Venue: In-house at venue of client’s choice
  • Group size: 20 to 30 participants

  • Presentation to Senior Management of systems thinking project
  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Attendance of at least 10 days

The Leadership in the Connection Economy is offered to young producers and other players in the agriculture sector value chain through the Leadership Academy for Agriculture.

The programme equips women-leaders to find their voice, be brave, remain real and have significance.

They will lead, think and behave differently to have a profound impact in their teams and organisations.

It is an applied leadership learning programme specifically designed for women who lead.

It is a challenging, sophisticated and extensive developmental experience at a full professional level in respect of leadership theory and practice.

The programme is differentiated by integrating research-based content relevant to women-leaders, the insights of women and the realities faced by women in organisations.

This is done by highlighting challenges, proposing solutions but more so, to stimulate debate and ensuring empowerment beyond stereotypes.

The following aspects are for example addressed:

  • The female communication style including the use of humour.
  • Reality checks in the workplace – the typical view, the difference between men and women and how to optimise the difference without negating it.
  • Women’s suitability for the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions.

Quality assured by:

Programme Philosophy

“Leadership is not about men in suits. It is a way of life for those who know who they are and are willing to be their best to create the life they want to live.” Kathleen Schafer, Founder, Leadership Connection

  • Women in Senior Management, Middle Management and Specialist roles
  • It can be customised for Junior Managers and Emerging Leaders

  • A unique angle on how women might respond, behave, experience a challenge and relate to others
  • Development of life-long leadership skill
  • International content from recognised sources
  • Immediate application in leadership roles
  • Diagnostics and practical tools that may be used afterwards
  • Personal discovery and development
  • Development of systems thinking skill
  • Forging strong support networks and sounding boards.

  • Noticeable impact on leadership culture
  • Effective leadership and positive relationships
  • Complex leadership problem project proposals
  • Current applied leadership theory and practice
  • Positive impact on organisational culture
  • Positive support of employment equity and female empowerment
  • Female talent attraction once known as an organisation with female focus (EVP)

  • Duration: 14 days in 7 two-day sessions
  • Venue: In-house at venue of client’s choice
  • Group size: 20 to 30 participants


  • Presentation to Senior Management of systems thinking project
  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Attendance of at least 10 days

An intensive leadership programme that builds confidence in participants at a personal and leadership level.

Designed to give leaders the core leadership knowledge and self-knowledge to commit to focused personal and leadership skill development.

A high-paced programme, very participative and activity-based in its delivery.

Culminates in a personal and leadership development plan.

Quality assured by:

Programme Philosophy

The context within which leaders must lead should determine the essential skills that leaders should develop. Developing these skills is a process that requires self-insight and a clear development plan.

  • Managers
  • Specialists
  • Supervisors

  • Deep personal discovery
  • Credible development plan based on sound insights, reflection and practical actions
  • Commitment of direct manager to development
  • Leading with confidence
  • Use of practical tools after completion
  • Improved relationships

  • Effective leadership and positive relationships
  • Leader with commitment to own development in partnership with direct manager
  • Current applied leadership theory and practice
  • Exceptional impact on team performance when attended by teams

  • Duration: 6 days in 3 two-day sessions
  • Venue: In-house at venue of client’s choice
  • Group size: 20 to 30 participants

  • Personal and Leadership Development Plan
  • Development Plan presentation
  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Attendance of at least 5 days

How and what you think and believe in drive how you behave and what you do, and consequently what you become.

You can choose what you think and what level you want to think at.

You have the potential to become an exceptional thinker.

Attitude, values and intelligence are not constant over time.

Decisions and thinking are dynamic interactions of emotions, cognitive processes and values.

Programme Philosophy

This programme will educate and inspire you about thinking as a skill in which you will invest for the rest of your life.

It includes a twenty-week ‘Thinking Skill Development’ guideline to embed the content and to develop your thinking skills.

“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” Socrates

  • Designed in three layers of complexity
  • Complexity increases as the thinking skills and techniques are applied
  • Third layer explores parallel processing and strategic thinking

  • Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Specialists
  • High-potential Individuals

  • Two 2-day sessions to groups of 10 to 15
  • 20-week application

Why invest in thinking skills?

  • Improve your impact at your level of work.
  • Significantly improve decision-making.
  • Develop the mental agility to deal with complexity and strategy.
  • Personal growth.
  • Insight to develop personal wholeness.
  • Essential for ongoing learning.
  • Stimulate others to think, especially children and young people.
  • Critical for the success of democracy.

What it takes to become a thinker with edge-creating skill

  • Knowledge about the brain and about thinking.
  • The will to think at a higher level.
  • A commitment to think about your thinking.
  • Time to think – valuing thinking as essential work.
  • A thinking environment and thinking partners.
  • Practice, practice, practice and feedback.
  • Consciously testing the quality of your thinking by its outcomes.
  • Curiosity to learn more about things and about thinking.

Core thinking skills

This programme has an exclusive self-leadership focus and a design that deepens self-discovery and self-mastery.

It takes participants through an intense personal experience that leads to redefining themselves at work and in their personal lives supported by clear development plans.

It is known for its life-changing personal impact as well as its contribution to building trust in natural teams at work.

Quality assured by:

Programme Philosophy

Self-leadership is the process of influencing oneself to establish the self-direction and self-motivation that one need to perform at an exceptional level, as well as to experience personal meaning and fulfilment.

  • Managers, Specialists, Emerging Leaders
  • Supervisors (Production and Administrative)
  • Technicians, Personal Assistants and Secretaries
  • It is also designed for natural teams

  • Self-mastery in personal and work life
  • Practical tools and content for life-long learning
  • Development plan in partnership with manager
  • High-performance individual development supported by manager

  • Noticeable improvement in motivation and accountability
  • New and stronger internal networks
  • Self-ownership for development in current role
  • Less dependence on manager for performance
  • Significant improvement in team cohesion and trust levels (when attended by teams)

  • Duration: 6 days in 3 two-day sessions
  • Venue: In-house at venue of client’s choice
  • Group size: 20 to 30 participants

  • Development Plan approved by manager
  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Attendance of at least 5 days


To prepare a young person for the launch into the world of work by growing inner strength and skills for personal differentiation.

“If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development.” Brian Tracy

  • Learners
  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Interns
  • Learnerships…
  • …Anyone 18-30 years old

  • Know and understand others better
  • Understand workplace expectations and behave appropriately
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Become strong through vulnerability
  • Optimise communication skills
  • Develop sound relationships
  • Develop personal power

  • Learn, play, laugh, discover, apply, practice, know and do
  • Learn from self as one among others
  • Undertake uncomfortable self-discovery
  • Practice-by-doing during and after sessions
  • Capture learning on ME & U
  • Challenge and be challenged
  • Formulate thinking

  • Duration: 4 consecutive days
  • Venue: In-house at venue of client’s choice
  • Group size: 30 participants

  • Presentation of Personal Commitment


Then LET’S GO! on an exciting journey of self-discovery to master self-development with new skills and understand your individualism, your awesomeness and the greatness that awaits you.

Design your personal brand by which to live.

Place yourself squarely on the winning path.

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.” Mahatma Gandhi

  • Learners
  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Interns
  • Learnerships…
  • …Anyone 15-30 years old

  • Know and understand yourself better
  • Develop personal leadership as a life skill
  • Develop your personal brand
  • Know your life purpose
  • Have fun, learn and discover
  • Make new friends
  • Be a new, better you

  • Exciting discovery tools
  • Creative designs
  • Fun activities
  • Colourful material
  • Interesting learning sessions
  • Life skills
  • Content that you will use forever

  • Duration: 4 consecutive contact days
  • Venue: In-house at venue of client’s choice
  • Group size: 30 participants

  • Presentation of ME2B (the future me, and my new personal brand)


These programmes have been designed to share and discuss very sensitive, very crucial and very personal information with boys and girls.


Young boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18 years old in separate groups.

The drive is to help young people from poverty stricken environments, with poor role models, absent and often uneducated parents, to understand what happens to their bodies when they reach puberty, how to make the best decisions about sex, alcohol, drugs and pornography. These sensitive topics are combined with important matters like how to treat others with respect, valuing your own body, caring for healthy relationships and very importantly, curbing rape and violence against girls.

The content is explored visually to overcome language and literacy constraints.

A personal insight booklet is given to the young people as a reminder of what they learnt and to help them to make better choices.

Two facilitators who are diverse in race and/or gender, thereby demonstrating diversity in action, present all themes to a particular group. The facilitators have extensive leadership and facilitation experience. The programme designers have trained them intensively. They are all equipped with the same set of programme materials to ensure content and process consistency at a high and verifiable standard.

Duration: 1 contact day.

Participant group size: any number of participants, with a minimum of 20 participants.

Venue: Decided upon by the organisation.


Core to thinking fusion AFRICA is our respect for science. We thus excavate science-based knowledge in the design of our programmes and processes as well as in the generation of insights for organisations on vexing complex problem situations through applying credible research designs.

We undertake bespoke organisational behaviour research assignments on a large scale that may extend into community-based research. We also record and protect the data and information from organisational, team and individual measures in our strategy and people development work, for analysis and reporting purposes that might be required at a later stage.


thinking fusion AFRICA develops the strategic thinking and decision-making capacity of executive and management teams. Using a tested and unique strategy framework, thinking is challenged whilst strategic as well as implementation decisions are made.

These decisions are packaged creatively for use in communication. The tools, techniques and elements of the strategy framework are designed and applied in a way to support ongoing strategic debate, dynamic strategy formulation and effective testing of implementation success.

The strategy framework is utilised for corporate, business and functional strategy development and management. This ensures effective integration, interdependence and alignment of strategic direction and execution within a robust organisational strategy system.


The framework is built around the view that strategy is the fusion of thinking and practice with the aim of building brand leadership.

Strategy is the complex work of the executive leadership of an organisation, but is in essence, it is the decisions made by leaders to direct the future of an organisation.

Good strategic decisions are the dynamic and disciplined fusion of insight, foresight, thinking and practice.

The framework considers strategy as work and separates this work into ‘thinking’ work, ‘practice’ work, and ‘testing’ work.

The most important ‘testing’ work of strategy is firstly, whether the results from implementing the strategy indicate that the organisation is moving towards its success model. Secondly, whether the alignment of the organisation is taking it towards its desired market position.

Strategy competence in executive teams is developed through ongoing rigorous debate of a clear strategic agenda and through the disciplined application of a shared strategy framework.

Sound strategy practices are embedded in the framework using processes and practical tools validated through application in a wide range of organisations.

  • Executive Teams of Small Organisations to Large Corporates
  • Management Teams of Functional and Specialist Units
  • Private and Public Sectors

  • Strategy competence and strategic thinking skill development
  • Meaningful participation in strategic direction
  • Knowledge of proven strategy creation process and methodologies

  • Clear strategic direction
  • Implementation commitment by teams
  • Access to and application of state-of-the-art strategy framework

  • Strategy diagnostics to ensure focused strategy work
  • Customised strategy sessions
  • Packaged outputs for leadership communication


We coach executives, senior managers and specialists who need to increase their impact in organisations and advance their careers. The thinking fusion AFRICA coaching framework blends conventional leadership coaching with uncompromising advice to build personal and leadership capacity. This capacity building is shaped around the four zones of influence of a leader. Dedicated learning is embedded in leaders through rigorous engagement. Coaching assignments are typically undertaken over a six-month period and extend to include full management teams.


The thinking fusion AFRICA approach to coaching is that the leader effectiveness in the zones of influence of a leader, as well as the individual’s work-life integration are essential for leader success. All these areas thus require attention and need to be balanced over the coaching period and during each coaching session over and above the complex challenges that the leader need to deal with in the organisation. Furthermore, the typical coaching approach of guidance, primarily through questions, is not the only approach used by thinking fusion AFRICA. The coach gives advice and guidance from own experience as well as honest feedback based on observations during sessions.

The coaching framework for the coachee will be determined within the following:

Leader of the self: Self-mastery through self-knowledge. Well-developed emotional intelligence, sound relationships and accurate communication.

One-on-one leadership and relationships: Leading others to higher performance, taking others along on a challenging path and building relationships that last.

Leader of team: Leading own team as well as being a leader within a management team as an integrated senior leadership team through times of challenge.


The thinking fusion AFRICA approach is aimed at improving organisational performance and is based on the premise that this is achieved through the personal effectiveness of emotionally intelligent leaders.

  • Leaders
  • Senior Leaders
  • Executives

  • Personal development based on personal agenda and development needs
  • Growth as a leader
  • Improved relationships with leader, peers and followers
  • Well-developed and honest self-insight
  • Long term development plan and agenda
  • Preparation for next level of leadership

  • Leader with improved leader and relationship skill
  • Leader actively engaged with own development agenda
  • Possibility of development of leaders to their full potential
  • Specific focus areas of organisation could be addressed/included in coaching
  • Preparation of person for next level of leadership or onboarding into a new role

  • Six one-on-one coaching sessions of 90 minutes each

  • Both the coach and coachee are satisfied that goals have been met and agenda exhausted
  • All sessions attended

Culture, Team and Individual Development (CTID)

The purpose of the process is to build the capacity in leadership teams to deliver a high-performance culture by taking executive, operational and functional teams to new levels of team and individual performance. The results yielded are exceptional as the process truly integrates individual performance with team performance and organisational culture.

The process is supported by diagnostics that allow organisation-wide analysis and interpretation when implemented on this scale. It is also supported by coaching of the team leader and one-on-one team member guidance.

CTID Process Differentiators

  • Natural teams (leader and direct followers): executive level and functional/specialist management teams
  • Private and Public Sectors

  • Personal insight through diagnostics
  • Self-mastery and high-performance individual development
  • Personal growth supported by coaching

  • Significant improvement in team performance
  • Improved climate, morale and team relationships
  • Development of a high-performance culture

  • Team and individual diagnostics to ensure focused individual and team development
  • Structured development process of 1 to 2 days per month over 6 to 9 months




Motshoanetsi Lefoka (Director) on +27 73 634 4098,

Prof René Uys (Director) on +27 82 888 9702,

Harry van der Merwe (Director) on +27 82 655 4027,


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